Advertising 2.0 is the name given to a new type of internet advertising that emerged in late 2006. Like other Web 2.0 memes, Advertising 2.0 is based on input/reward for the user (advertiser) as well as the company or website that displays the advert. The main characteristic of an Advertising 2.0 website is that there is potential profit to be made for the advertisers.

Advertising 2.0 websites are driven by the massive publicity that the website receives, as the advertisers themselves will help to promote the website in order to ensure that they make money on their investment. Some of these websites are based entirely on the traffic that their publicity brings and are of very little use once this publicity dies down.

This phenomenon is almost certainly the result of Alex Tew's "The Million Dollar Homepage", as entrepreneurs the World over tried to mimic the success of the British student who wanted a million dollars to fund his time in university. Although not technically an Advertising 2.0 site itself, it got the young minds of the World thinking of ways to expand his idea into something perhaps a little more useful.

The concept itself could very well put an end to Pay per click advertising, as many companies are being crippled with 'Click Fraud' and are opening their eyes to new ideas.

Advertising 2.0 simply put is how website developers use the technology and tools available in order to simplify the website platform for the end user. An excellent example of this is available at

Web 2.0 is a term used by O'Reilly Media in 2003 and later used in the first Web 2.0 world conference in 2004

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