AjaxWindows is the most intresting web applications I ever saw over the internet. AjaxWindows is basically an online operating system which runs on a browser. As Needleman, a writer on said “I still don't fully get the whole Web operating system concept. Why run an OS inside a browser when your browser is running in an OS to begin with?”

Even if the idea seems a bit confusing, to see how it looks is interesting. This Ajaxwindows opering system has full fledge applications like word-processing, spreadsheet, presentations, music player and many more. And the other interesting thing the user can actually have his or her own desktop icons with desired widgets.

There's also integration with a variety of web services such as Gmail, Flickr, and Meebo. For example, when you click on the instant messaging application, web-based multi-chat client Meebo opens up.

AjaxWindows does provide you with 1GB of online storage, so the idea is that you can synchronize data from your desktop and access it with a familiar interface wherever you go.

For detail information please goto or click here to see a clip.

In Addition to AjaxWindows, StartForce web desktop is also another break through for online OS. It is basically almost the same functionality of AjaxWindows, but with more friendly and fast loading. The web application is done by Japanese programmers using Ajax and web 2.0 technlogy. It is so easy to use and understand the appliction. You can fill the ease by login in to it is totally free.