Web 2.0 is a new way of working together online it's a way of collaborating within a project that has many players.

What I am trying to do is bring together, on one site the many and various tools that help with workflow within a modern office.

We are working away from the need for the application to be on the local machine but rather to use software that is remote and very often free. Also known as thin client.

Many companies insist on a file format standard, say *.doc for WP output. I use "602 software" it does the job and is small. Many local authorities are now using the open source software from Sun called "Open Office" A true IBM'ers will still use Lotus.

All are Format sensitive but method insensitive, not in education who have to teach the method.

But none of the systems mentioned have a way to share or collaborate. Just think of the issue/ release mess we can get into with one document shared across ten people. Who has or where is the latest issue?

With Google docs there is one document ONLINE its history is known and saved but the team can make changes and the format is still *.doc

And that is just the example of docs

All my other categories are just as useful online and shareable. Estate agents can now add markers showing their houses on google maps. This is not a photoshop fudge but an online mix (mashup) of two database systems.

On my Web Site there are links to many Web 2.0 systems that will help you. Please try it.

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