A number of Web 2.0 memes have grown up around the idea of Web 2.0 as a new generation of online social and networking tools. The integration of Web 2.0 services with a variety of fields, topics, or communities has prompted the use of "... 2.0" as a popular suffix to describe these changes.

Note that, whereas "Web 2.0" refers to a generation of tools, as a suffix " 2.0" can denote either a generation of new objects encouraged by or related to Web 2.0 tools, but it can also denote the social, conceptual, and organizational changes generated by the use of those tools.

To add one of these terms to this wiki, simply add the page title in the box below.

Add {{2.0}} at the end of the page to display related terms. Edit Template:2.0 to add your term to the list.

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